DP proposes Nishani. SMI and Nano react. Voting underway

DP proposes Nishani. SMI and Nano react. Voting underway
The majority proposed Bujar Nishani, currently Interior Minister, as candidate for the next Albanian President, after Artan Hoxha withdrew his candidacy. The Democratic Party Parliamentary Group leader, Astrit Patozi, declared that Nishani will be voted at the session of 17:00.

Rama: Nano cannot be our candidate

The Socialist Party leader reconfirmed that Fatos Nano will not be the Socialist Party’s candidate for President, because he left the party on his own will.

“If Nano’s candidacy would be consensual, we would not break the consensus, but he cannot be our candidate, because we cannot break our principles and ruin Albania’s opportunity for the EU candidate status”, Rama decalred.

Rama against Nishani: Let’s find a consensual candidate

The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, declared that his political forces stands to the same position that serves to the national interest.

As for Artan Hoxha, who withdrew the candidacy, Rama underlined that SP could never support him as a candidate, while he underlined that now is the time to overcome the crisis with a new step.

“It is unacceptable for a Minister to become President, especially in a time of crisis like the one we’re in”, Rama declared, underlining that they cannot have imposed a candidacy that represents only the Democratic Party.

“It is possible to find a consensual solution that should be a product in function of the future of Albanians. I want to underline that the best way is that of reason, which will bring the parties to a candidacy that will have the consensus of everyone”, Rama declared.

Nano appeals SP: Let’s win this race together

The self-declared candidate for President, Fatos Nano, former Albanian Prime Minister and former leader of the Socialist Party, considered as shameful the situation that has been created and asked the SP to run for winning the presidential race.

“This is the moment when the party leaders should think beyond their close political accounts that have deteriorated Albania, and show their full responsibility for the love of the country, with its values and merits that an European country deserves”.

Nano reiterated that he offered himself for President with the purpose to create consensus and win this competition.

Nano appealed the Socialist Party to win the race together with him, so that it can be the preface of a future victory of the Socialist Party and all A|lbanians, according to Nano.

SMI: Standing to the pact with the DP

The vice leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Petrit Vasili, declared that the SMI will stand to the agreement set with the Democratic Party for the election of president, as decided in 2009, adding that they have tried to find a wider consensus possible by respecting the deadlines and the constitution.

The withdrawal declaration of Artan Hoxha

“Until yesterday night I hoped that the presidential process would have the minimal spirit of understanding and consensus, and this morning, after receiving hundreds of congratulatory messages, with some of them coming from Socialist Party members, I have continued to hope that the presidential process still promised consensus. But seeing the aggressive stances of Socialist exponents and their media, including slander and blackmail, I reached the conclusion that the presidential process cannot have the minimum of civilization, and due to the political interests, the process will not be allowed to contribute the civil factors. I have followed the presidential process very closely and have commented for a reasonable and consensual reason. I thought to contribute in the last session for the same goal, but based on what I declared above, I cannot be part of this process which apparently warns a storm.

Dule: Opposition to propose Nano

The leader of the United for Humans Right party, Vangjel Dule, considered this a false process that shows the failure of the political class in what is happening in the country.

“The majority still showed that they cannot elect the President, even with simple majority. I appeal the opposition and Edi Rama, since we have an incapable majority, to not allow the opposition to avoid the political battle, but offer its alternative through Fatos Nano”, Dule declared.

PJIU: SP to offer NANO

The leader of the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity, Shpetim Idrizi, declared that the Socialist Party should offer Nano’s candidacy for President, reminding that there is no time and the President should be elected soon.

“I have proposed Nano’s candidacy in the dialogue that we had this Sunday, and I found Ilir Meta’s support for this”, Idrizi declared.

The PJIU leader underlined that no one wants early elections, but on the same time he declared that the early elections are not the end of the world, regardless their cost.

Oketa: We need a consensual president

One of the founders of the New Democratic Spirit, Gazmend Oketa, asked the election of a consensual president, as the right choice.

“Our country needs consensus, and our country seems on the brink of early elections”, Oketa declared on Top Channel’s “Top Story”.