Third round consumed, fourth left for Monday

Third round consumed, fourth left for Monday
The Albanian Parliament consumed the third session for the Presidential election, the final consensual round that requires at least 84 votes, while as in the other rounds there was no official candidate.

In the fourth session, the president will be elected with a simple majority.

After the session, the Conference of Chairmen of the Parliamentary Groups decided to hold the fourth voting session on Monday at 10:00. The decision for this session was the only consensus reached by the parties in this process.

The head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Gramoz Ruci, accused Prime Minister Berisha as the only responsible for the third failure for finding a consensual president, a process that is very important for Albania towards the EU.

“This is not the failure of this parliament. This failure has a name, the leader of the majority”, Ruci declared.

According to him, the opposition offered consensus, but the Prime Minister is responsible for the failure.

The Socialist Parliamentary Group leader invited the majority to correct their actions and find their political conscience for the country’s interests.

After Ruci’s word, Berisha declared that the opposition action line is lying and deception.

After making a summary of all the acts on the Presidential election process, Berisha declared that the agreement signed with the Socialist Movement for Integration is an obligation for taking every step with this political force.

“The opposition must take its responsibilities. Rather than sitting for discussing the modalities, they gave ultimatums. I am not impressed by ultimatums and conditions. I consider them as sovereign actions of the Albanian opposition”, Berisha declared.

The Prime Minister declared that he had never proposed the name of the presidential candidate.

He accused the opposition for starting a defamation campaign against Jozefina Topalli, and according to Berisha, she could be a very serious candidate.

“I fulfilled the conditions and did not bring a candidacy from the Democratic Party. You are blocking this process for blocking Albania”, Berisha declared, underlining that the major goal of the opposition is to block the status.