Berisha: Rama looking for bargains

Berisha: Rama looking for bargains
During a meeting with the Vlore Democratic Party members, the Albanian Prime MInister declared that he will discuss with Edi Rama about the process.

But he added that the SP leader wants bargains with the presidential process, and wants to win either everything, or nothing. Berisha said that he is committed to work for a consensual Prime Minister, otherwise he would have proposed one of his close collaborators, who would be voted without qualified majority.

He added that the candidate would not be a political exponent from the Democratic Party, because the Socialist Party cannot understand this. Our goal is to have a candidate that can be voted by the opposition too. We don’t have qualified majority, hence we elected a candidate that represented diplomacy, academy and justice”, Berisha declared.

But the SP leader refused the candidacy of Judge Xhezair Zaganjori, and here’s how the Prime Minister sees this decision:

“He has a problem. He doesn’t win, but even when he wins, he doesn’t understand that he has won. But in politics there’s never either everything, or nothin”, Berisha underlined.

The Parliament leader did not deny the fact that he would want the president to be one of his collaborators, but since this case demanded consensus, he expressed his readiness to reach it.

“This is the process of compromise. Let us reach the results. But to him it is like he is losing, because he wants either everything, or nothing. Rejecting the candidate is like starting everything from the enemy point of view”, Berisha declared.

“We support Zaganjori. I am convinced that the country will soon have a president and we will make everything possible so that the integrating processes can progress. This is what he said, but he doesn’t want the country to have a decent president. He wants a bargain with Sali Berisha”, the PM continued.