Eurovision, Rona Nishliu ranked fifth
27/05/2012 08:20

Eurovision, Rona Nishliu ranked fifth
Rona Nishliu received the highest score that Albania has ever achieved in the Eurovision contest, with her song Suus, which was ranked fifth in the festival that unites the national winners of every European country.

The 26 year old from Mitrovica wowed the public with her magical voice, winning uninterrupted applauses during the entire performance.

Albania had never been able to reach the fifth place, in nine Eurovision contests.

Anjeza Shahini held the record, when she was ranked sixth in 2004.

The winner of the Eurovision that was organized in Azerbaijan was the Swedish Loreen, challenged only by the group of Russian grandmothers, which surprised everyone and was ranked second with their folk song.

On the third and fourth place was Serbia and Azerbaijan.

Albania’s Suus song gathered 146 points, received from:

Macedonia, Italy, Switzerland and San Marino, 12 points each
Belgium, Greece, Montenegro, 10 points
Austria, Hungary, 8 points
Germany, Bosnia Herzegovina, Finland, 6 points
Croatia, Denmark, Turkey, 5 points
Bulgaria, Cyprus, 4 points
Georgia, Slovenia, 2 points
Serbia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Sweden, 1 point