Qerimaj: I used vitamins
25/05/2012 17:20

Qerimaj: I used vitamins
The European Champion for 77 kilograms, Erkand Qerimaj, reacted after the news about his positive anti-doping results.

The Word Weightlifting  Federation announces that Qerimaj’s tests found traces of Metyl Hexanamine, listed as a prohibited substance since 2011.

“The first test of April 4th resulted clean. After eight days, on the competition day, I underwent a second test that resulted positive. On April 12th I have declared the consumption of the same vitamin as on April 4th. I declared this even in the form that was filled without my knowledge that this substance was prohibited”, Qerimaj declared.

The European Champion than declared that he was waiting very calmly for the decision of the Commission of Appeal at the World Weightlifting Federation, and that he has started training for the London Olympiad, where he aims to bring another trophy in Albania.

“I have been competing and winning for 10 years in international tournaments, and now I am calmly waiting for the decision of the International Weightlifting Committee of Appeal. My goal is to bring to Albania an Olympic medal”, Qerimaj declared.