Erkand Qerimaj, positive in doping test

Erkand Qerimaj, positive in doping test
The Albanian weightlifter, Erkand Qerimaj, resulted positive in the anti-doping test at the European Championship in Antalya, where he was found European Champion for 77 kg.

The World Weightlifting Federation announced that the tests found a substance of the “Metyl hexanamine” family, included in the list of prohibited substances since 2011.

According to the World Federation, this substance is found in nutriment that are typically designed to lose weight. Qerimaj has made two analysis, one that was unannounced, eight days after the European Championship, and one on the day of the race.

In both these tests Qerimaj declared that he consumed Body Surge. In the first, the result was negative, while in the second it was positive.

One of the elements of this vitamin is the substance that belongs to weak stimulants. Erkand Qerimaj asked the World Weightlifting Federation to hold a hearing session with a panel of judges that are selected by lot. Lacking of time and documentation, Qerimaj was represented by Secretary Ilir Kraja and the doctor of the Canadian team, the Albanian-Canadian Alban Merepeza.

Erkand Qerimaj is now waiting the final response from the World Weightlifting Federation.