"Vlore, it is easy to fall in love"
12/05/2012 20:00

Vlore, it is easy to fall in love
Vlore has opened the tourist season through a well-prepared spectacle that has occupied the city squares.

Different groups of singers have performed yesterday together with a circus troop from Italy. Today the spectacle started with the festival “Aulona Folk”.

In this festival there are 350 artists from 11 European countries. This is the fourth year that the festival takes place in Vlore, with the Municipality’s support.

The visitors walked to the New Beach, where the new tourist season was officially opened,

The slogan of Vlore in this tourist season is: “In Vlore it is easy to fall in love”.

The authorities are expecting an increase of holidaymakers, not only from Albania but also from foreign countries, especially from the region.