Bossi, not a single day in Albania

Bossi, not a single day in Albania
Renzo Bossi had not very good relations with schools. This can be understood by the history of his difficult and false qualifications.

In 2009 he was graduated from high school at 21 years of age, after four failed attempts.  But he received a university diploma from the Kristal University in Tirana, on 29 September 2010.

Only one year after, Renzo Bossi received a diploma with the best grades and 29 tests given for Business Management, all in Albanian, without speaking a word of our language.

 According to the “Family File”, now on the hands of Naples and Milano prosecution, it appeared that the 24 year old had given all 29 subjects of three years of work in one single year.

But has he ever been in Albania, being the son of Umberto Bossi, the “Lega Nord” leader, known for his strong declarations against emigration and even Albanians?

The Italian investigators want to investigate if Renzo Rossi has paid the diploma with the funds of the party. In Italy he is known as “Trout”, a name given to mock his intelligence.

The phone conversations between Belsitto, who has connections with the Ndranghetta, and Nadia Degrada, respnonsible for the finances of the party, showed the both of them saying that the Lega Nord expenses, besides fines, medical visits, reconstructions and vehicle repairs, included even the diploma of Bossi’s son in Albania.

There is also a second diploma from the Kristal University for Pierangelo Moscagiuro, the bodyguard of the vice President of the Senate, Rosi Mauro, who left the Lega Nord. He had been “graduated” in sociology.