Debate for religion in schools

Debate for religion in schools
The Albanian religious representatives have asked the Education and Media Commission to change some law articles for High Education.

They asked for the religious symbols to be allowed in public schools and to create a text that clearly explains the panorama of religions in the country.

“Students should not be allowed to propagandize, but based on our laws and the international conventions, from the EU or the UN, no child should be ever stopped from attending public schools based on gender, race or religion. A subject that could be added in the future, could give a summarized religious culture”, declared Bujar Spahiu, vice-Chairman of the Muslim Community.

“We want students in schools to be able to freely express their religious identity”, declared the representatives of the catholic community.

“We must include more complete information in the texts. We have five religious communities and we need to give clearer information”, declared Andon Merdari, assistant of Archbishop Anastas.

In this session was asked the change of the subventions for private non-profit schools.

“The state should help and support, because it serves to the formation of their citizens, even through private education, especially the non-profit ones. But there must be no criteria about the excellence of the children, and even for the usage of these funds. An excellent student might not need the economic fund, but another one, with slightly lower results, might need an environment that he can follow more closely”, declared the representative of the catholic community.

The Chairman of the Education and Media Commission, Valentina Leskaj, declared that the religious symbols cannot be allowed in schools.

“Not only that it must remain laic, but we must keep in mind that we are talking about a category of education, such as the pre-university education, that is related with a young group-age that is not capable to take independent decision, starting from kindergarten to high schools. This category of children cannot decide on their own, and we must keep in mind the secularism of schools”, Leskaj declared.