Skopje, anti-Albanian protest

Skopje, anti-Albanian protest
Hundreds of masked men have protested in Skopje with anti Albanian chants against the murder of five Macedonian young people.

The chants “a good Albanian is a dead Albanian” and “gas chambers for Albanians” resurfaced again, from ultra-nationalist Slavic Macedonians; chants that are often heard in stadium choirs.

The protesters have tried to enter the Albanian neighborhood in Skopje, but they were stopped by the Macedonian police.

Three Albanians have been injured from the violence of the three Albanians, and they are being treated in hospital. The situation remains calm but tense.

The Albanian analyst in Macedonia, Kim Mehmeti, declared through a phone call with Top Channel that the anti-Albanian chants and hate were shouted again in this protest, rather than the compassion for the five dead people.
Meanwhile, the Macedonian Interior Minister published photos of the vehicle that might have been used by the authors of the crime.

The car that was found 10 kilometers from the scene was not registered in Macedonia and had the stolen license plate of another car.

She added that the chemical examinations require several days, before giving any result. She invited the former owner of the car to help the police of any information.

The Macedonian Interior Minister also denied the speculations of a Serbian TV which said that a car was found in the border between Macedonia and Kosovo, insinuating that the killers were from Kosovo.

Albanian analysts in Skopje say that the Serbian media are trying at any cost to connect the murder of five Macedonians with the Albanians and Kosovo.
While the Albanian Foreign Minister declared that Albania is following the latest developments very closely, and he invited all factors to allow a complete investigation of the crime for bringing the authors to justice, and avoid any political or media misinterpretation that could incite ethnic violence.

Asked by Top Channel about the efforts that the Albanian Foreign Ministry is doing as regards the Albanian citizens of Cham origin, who are not allowed to enter Greece, Haxhinasto says that the rights of the Albanians are a major concern of the Foreign Ministry.

“As regards this specific case, we are conducting intensive communications and we are making the maximal efforts for resolving all problems related with the Cham case, their rights to travel and their rights to properties”, Haxhinasto declared.