Fatmir Kajolli on house arrest

Fatmir Kajolli on house arrest
The Fier First Degree Court issued the house arrest measure for Fatmir Kajolli, who was taken under custody by the police after the Italian justice had been looking for him for 10 years.

He was arrested two days ago and today the court issued the house arrest measure behind closed doors.

The Prosecution requested the Court to keep Kajolli in prison until the Italian authorities would bring the extradition request, where he is sentenced with 40 years to prison.

The mystery is that during these 10 years Kajolli has been very well known in Fier for his political engagements, for his three mandates as Municipal Councilor of the Republican Party and also for engaging in electoral campaings of both sides.

Many say he has close ties with current Ministers, while he is well known for his business activities. Kajolli has recently won the tender for managing public parking spaces of the City of Fier.

But Kajolli has been wanted by the international police for the last 10 years. In 2002, the Milan Court sentenced him with 16 years to prison for drug traffic. Then the Rome Court sentenced him with 24 years to prison for being involved in criminal organizations focused on drug traffic.