Berisha meets Erdogan

Berisha meets Erdogan
The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, emphasized the excellent political and economic relations that the two countries have historically guarded between each other.

After a head to head meeting with Prime Minister Berisha, his Turkish homologue, Recep Taip Erdogan considered Albania a strategic ally of Turkey in Balkan.

Since the strategic alliances in this globalization time cannot be understood without the economic ones, Erdogan declared that Turkey plans to increase investments in Albania, because foreign investments are safer in a country that hasn’t been affected by the global economic crisis.

“I can say that Albania is one of the few countries in Europe and Balkan that has not been affected by the economic crisis. Albania passed this situation without big difficulties, same as Turkey. With its successful financial and economic management, Albania was able to overcome this period. Certainly, with the strong support of our potentials, we will continue the development and I think that as long as Albania will be safe and stabilized, it will be very strong”, Erdogan declared.

The Turkish Prime Minister added: “Since Albania is a state that is attracting foreign investments, this economy will keep being reinforced even more. Currently, the trade volume between the two countries is 400 million USD. Certainly, this is not a figure that shows the real capacity of both countries. 30 Turkish businessmen have invested in the Albanian state, which was achieved through the economic relations between our countries. Their investments reached 1 billion USD”.

Both Prime Ministers confirmed that Albania and Turkey have no differences in the Foreign Policy, and they share the same position towards Syria, a matter in which Prime Minister Erdogan has taken the role of a leader against Assad’s regime.

For Berisha, this is another motive and Albania should give its modest help to Turkey in the world arena.

“Albania will support Turkey with its vote for becoming a member of the Security Council, convinced that Turkey will play an important role in the highest international forum”, Berisha delcared.

Berisha and Erdogan did not spare their friendly tones between each other.  Berisha mentioned the historical connections between the two countries.

“Mr. Prime Minister, I thank you for the fraternal welcome, and I say this because we have blood relations. To each Turkish delegation that I meet, I ask them if anyone of them has Albanian origin. I will address the same question to PM erdogan”, Berisha declared to his homologue.