Macedonians burn Albanian flag

Macedonians burn Albanian flag
Members of the so called Christian Organization in Macedonia burned the Albanian national flag under racist chants.

This act was filmed by members of the organization, who posted it on youtube.

While burning the flag, the members of the organization appealed for the unification of all Christians against Albanians, with the only goal to wipe them out.

The anti-Albanian chants have been accompanied with English subtitles, for giving the message of the extremists.

The Red and Black Alliance reacted against the burning of the Albanian flag, by warning the Macedonians to give up from similar acts.

“The Macedonian provocations are crossing every limit. The Macedonians should not dare touching the Albanian flag”, declared the press release.

Declaring that with these behaviors Macedonia is damaging itself, the RBA appealed the Macedonian government to put distance from these people.

RBA then appealed the US and the EU “to stop this madness before it’s too late”.

These events took place after a series of interethnic incidents recorded recently in Macedonia, culminating with the barbarian beating of 15 Albanian citizens.

This was followed with attacks against Albanian shops in Skopje, and other Albanian objects in Macedonai.

All of these took place after a Macedonian Policeman killed two Albanians in Gostivar, after debating for car parking.

As regards the violence against the Albanian students, the Macedonian police arrested seven persons, who are undergoing prosecution.

EC condemns violence in Macedonia

Prepared by: Arta Tozaj

The European Commission condemned the violence in Macedonia and expressed the regret for its victims. The Spokesperson for the Commissioner for Enlargement appealed for the situation to calm down.

“The European Commission opposes and condemns violence and we are appealing everyone to respect the rule of law, and we are supporting the efforts that reinforce the rule of law. As for the incidents, we express our deep regret for what happened and for the fact that there were injured people. We are following the situation closely, and we know that the national and local authorities have taken measures and are conducting deep investigations. We believe that the interested parties, the politicians and the civil society will know how to control the emotions after these events, and appeal for order to be restored in the country”, declared Peter Stano, the Spokesperson for the Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule.

The offences against the Albanians in Macedonia and the lack of implementation of the Ochrid Agreement will be one of the main dialogue topics that Commissioner Fule is expected to start on 15 March in Skopje, with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.