Plastic bag ban
29/02/2012 19:40

Plastic bag ban
After bread, all food products, such as cheese, meat, butter, sausages and everything else that has direct contact with the package will be sold in paper bags.

This is for the fact that the goods could be contaminated in the plastic bags, since no one in our country can check if the plastic bags are certified for containing these food products.

The paper bag replacement has started with bread, but the NFA (National Food Authority) also demands the citizens’ awareness for this.

“During the inspections we noted that some cities have replaced the plastic bags with certified organic paper, but in Tirana, where there is a great number of citizens and businesses, this was seen in a much smaller scale. On the other hand, we need civil awareness for this type of packaging, which should be used not only for bread, but for all food products”, declared Manjola Vraja, NFA food inspector.

According to Vraja, if the bakeries will be found with plastic bags during the inspections, they will be removed by the inspectors and in case it will be repeated, they will be fined.

Besides the package that must be certified, the NFA specialists underline that it is necessary to have labels in Albanian, with all food ingredients specified, together with the country of origin, the expiring date, etc.

The plastic bags that are being used today are produced in factories that used recycled plastic bags as raw material.