Albanian Commandos attacked in Afghanistan

Albanian Commandos attacked in Afghanistan
One Albanian Commando was killed this Monday in Kandahar, Afghanistan, during a firefigh, and another is in coma.

The news was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, according to which, the soldiers are Feti Vogli, Captain of the First Special Force, and Alexander Peci, an ammunition specialist corporal.

According to a press release, the Albanian Commandos were attacked at 15:05 by a group of people masked as Afghan police agents, while they were accompanying the personnel of an USAID mission in Robot village, Kandahar.

The attackers used “AK-47” automatic weapons and a light machine gun, leaving also one wounded soldier from another ally country.

The two Albanian soldiers received serious wounds and were sent in a Kandahar hospital, while their team arrested 11 persons masked as Afghan police agents, who were responsible for the attack.

The USAID personnel were inaugurating two schools and a health center at Robot village, Kandahar.

MB: Ministry of Defense, measures for returning bodies

A Ministry of Defense Official held a press release a few minutes ago, in which confirmed the death of the two Albanian commandos in Afghanistan.

During the conference, the officer confirmed the identities of the killed soldiers: Feti Vogli and Alexander Peci; and expressed the condolences of their family relatives.

“The Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of Armed Forces express their condolences to the family members. We have taken all measures for returning the bodies to their homeland”, declared Brigadier General Viktor Berdo.

President, condolences to families

The Albanian President, Bamir Topi, expressed his regret for the loss of the two Albanian commandos in Afghanistan.

The Albanian President, as General Commander of the Armed Forces, expressed his deep regret for this great loss, and expressed his condolences to the relatives.

“With deep regret and sorrow, I received the news today for our two soldiers who fell in duty, Captain Vogli and Corporal Peci, both Albanian military men of the “Eagle 4” contingent, in the framework of the NATO peacekeeping mission in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In these tragic moments, let me express my deepest regret, on behalf of the entire Albanian state, for the irreplaceable loss of your dear men”, Topi declared.

Rama, condolences to family: Sacrificed for freedom

The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, declared the deep regret of the Socialist Party for the loss of the two Albanian soldiers in Afghanistan.

“Two common Albanuan families lost their sons in a war where Albania is engaged in service with NATO. Is a loss that shocked not only the two families, but all of us”, Rama declared.

The Socialist leader expressed the condolences of the Albanian Opposition to the Albanian Commandos and expressed the gratitude for their sacrifice in the far away battle of Afghanistan.

“Words are not enough to express the value of the sublime sacrifice of Feti Vogli and Aleksander Peci, who unfortunately died today, serving to the great cause of the free world in a war against an evil that aims the eliminate the freedom of world itself”, Rama added.