Tirana Elbasan highway, 293 million USD
24/01/2012 08:20

Tirana Elbasan highway, 293 million USD
The recent loan for the Tirana-Elbasan highway was taken by the Abu Dhabi fund, with 50 million USD with an interest rate of 4.5%.

The agreement was previously signed by the Minister of Finances, Ridvan Bode, and now it is up to the Parliament to ratify the act, in order to implement it. For this reason, the Road Directory says that the MPs should approve it as soon as possible.

Shqip newspaper says that the loan will be discussed at the Parliamentary Commission for Economy and Finances, while the opposition MPs request the presence of the head of institution that manages roads.

“As opposition, we see it necessary to have the presence of the General Director of Roads, Andi Toma, for giving the necessary explanations about the project’s progress”, declared the Socialist member of the Commission, Erjon Brace.

Regardless the opposition’s appeals, the commission will be ready to respond to Skender Cota, the second person in charge. The Greek “Aktor” Company has finished with 41% of the 4.9 km long tunnel, which is 28% of the project that is expected to end by November 2012.