Passport falsification, Nishani faces Opposition

Passport falsification, Nishani faces Opposition
For the visa liberalization anniversary, the Interior Minister, Bujar Nishani, was called in a hearing session by the Parliamentary Commission of Integration.

Based on a FRONTEX report, the EU agency for border protection, the Chairman of this Commission, Ditmir Bushati, declared that the Albanians are the second people in the world who mostly travel with falsified documents.

“Naturally, I don’t feel good that Albania is ranked second in the FRONTEX report, right after Ukraine”, Bushati declared.

The Interior Minister declared that these Albanians use foreign falsified documents, not those used by the Albanian state.

“This is a report for the Albanians that have traveled for years in EU, people who have been living in Italy and Greece for the last 20 years”, Nishani declared.

Another opposition MP, Taulant Balla, declared that the prosecution is investigating groups that falsify these identification documents for 5000 EUR.

Balla declared that the opposition had asked the Police to be part of the applicants’ identification, something that the Interior Minister made with an internal order on November 2011.

“The exclusion of the state police from the biometric passport production process has increased the risks for putting the passports in dangerous hands”, Balla declared.

Nishani did not deny that there have been passport production company employees who were involved in corruption.

“The have been involved in criminal activity, giving fake data for some citizens and making this way a falsified document”, Nishani declared.

The opposition MPs launched accusations for impunity and corruption, which spurred arguments before the end of the session.

“We will have difficulties for as long that we have problems that we must address to. We have been facing these problems since 2005”, Nishani told the MPs.

To the request of the Socialist MP for cooperating in resolving the blood feud phenomenon, the Interior Minister declared that some individuals and associations have exaggerated the figures, in order to profit from projects, although he admitted that the phenomenon was present.