Forgetting the Nation's founding fathers
28/11/2011 21:15

Forgetting the Nation's founding fathers
On 28 November 1912, the Albanians raised their voice unanimously, by showing to the entire world that Albania could not disappear. The fathers of the nation, led by Ismail Qemali, were the symbol of a country that refused to submit and signed the independence declaration. Today, 99 years later, how are the fathers of our nation honored? This is what Top Channel’s program, the other Albania, brings to our attention.

Besides Ismail Qemali, Vlora gave to Albania four other patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence, Qazim Kokoshoni, Jani Minga (Born in Fier, but was Vlora’s delegate), Aristidh Ruci and Zini Abaz Kanina. However, today there’s no sign in Albania that honors their act of 1912. No even a modest memorial.

The city of Berat also gave many representatives, such as Iljaz Vrioni, Bab Dud Karbunara, Dhimiter Tutulani and Skrapar’s delegate, Xhelal Koprencka together with Hajredin Cakrani from Fier. The houses of the Vrioni family can be found in the most important area of "the town of 1001 windows", but there is nothing that commemorates the delegate who signed the declaration. Part of his old house has turned into a private hotel, and another one has been abandoned. The house of Bab Dud Karbunara has almost disappeared, and near this place there is a small and almost shameful bust.
Same goes for the house of Dhimiter Tutulani, the grandfather of Margarita and Kristaq Tutulani. The only commemoration of these figures is in a random figure of the town, a “gift” that was given after the museum closed in the ‘90s.

In Elbasan, the reality is the same. Shefqet Daiu and Qemal Karaosman are not part of the past or the present of this city. The latter has only his house left, which has nothing to do with the independence time and almost ruined. Karaosmani, censured during the communist area, seems to be censured even in democracy.

Six delegates were present in Vlore from the town of Korce, a good part of them from the colony of Bucharest Albanians. Dhimiter Berati, Spiridon Ilom, Dhimiter Emanuel Mborja, Pandeli Cala, Dhimiter Zografi and Thanas Floqi, who have signed together with Ismail Qemali, giving to this event a great significance.

The Albania of  Spiridon Ilo has two faces. The first is the one of him with his family, and the second is today’s reality, a house that seems destroyed. In the center of Korce, a few meters from the Greek Consulate, there’s a three storey building that as if it will collapse from time to time. In that place used to live Dhimiter Zografi and his family, today has turned into a self-made shelter of homeless people.
Pandi Cala can be found only at the City’s cemetery, with a half broken grave, besides Petro Dhimitri, the photographer of that great event. He’s also abandoned, without a photo on his grave.

In Shkoder sleeps another of the greatest men who signed the declaration, Luigj Gurakuqi, at his house that was demolished for building a concrete bunker, by destroying everything that the great patriot left behind.
The same goes with Tirana’s Abdi Toptani, Dom Nikollw Kacorri in Durres, whose remains returned to Albania as a worthless sack. This is the horrible oblivion of a nation that forgets his founding fathers.