Wastes occupy rivers

Wastes occupy rivers
All municipalities of the Gjirokaster district have not found the adequate locations for dumping waste materials.

All dump sites are near residential areas or water sources. These dump sites have no permits, while the landfill problem has been discussed for years.

Although the capacity of waste materials per capita has not been a growing indicator, the environmental situation caused by wastes in rivers and streams is becoming critical.

Drino River has been used by the businesses situated along the highway and some communes. The streams inside Gjirokaster have been blocked by wastes and inert materials. Specialists say that Drino River receives several tons per day.

During a meeting organized by the OSCE, with participation of several environmental organizations and local units, was noted the total lacks of environmental information and of competent agencies for putting fines.

The efforts for building a single landfill that would process the entire district has started eight years before but has never been finalized, due to the cost.

Berat, no plan for wastes

The Osum River has been used by many communes for dumping their wastes.

The Municipality has not solved this problem yet, by depositing even the Berat urban wastes near the water sources.

Wastes can be found in every river bank, even at the legs of the Poshnje commune bridge.

Pollution and environmental destruction has turned into normality, although they damage the health of the people who live nearby.

This situation is almost the same in the entire Berat district, where there is no state project for treating the wastes and the only solution is by burning them near the riverbanks.