A new Independence Monument?

A new Independence Monument?
The Prime Minister’s declaration for a new Independence Monument has spurred harsh reactions in the city of Vlore. Vlore citizens see this initiative as an effort for undoing history and leaving Vlore aside, which has always been the symbol city of the Independence.

One year before the 100th anniversary of the Independence, the Vlore Municipality says that there is a lack of investments for commemorating this important day for the nation.

“There have been no investments for Vlore, which needs investments for the Museum of Independence, other museums of the city, the Independence Monument in the city center, the Theatre, the Palace of Culture and the Library. All of these need investments for this special year, which we must use for taking more investments in Vlore, for showing that Vlore will be the epicenter of the activities for the 100th anniversary of Independence," declared Istref Dobi from the Vlore Cultural Center.

The same tones were used by the MP Eltar Deda, who launched several accusations against the PM.

“You cannot undo history for undoing a city. The Prime Minister has left Vlore without any investments for years. With this declaration he has offended not only the city of Vlore, but the entire Albanian nation in a very sensitive element, such as the independence and the creation of the Albanian state. The city of Vlore, the Flag Square, has turned in a pilgrimage for many years for all Albanians and our nation. The Prime Minister must withdraw that decision and explain to the Albanians what are the real purposes hidden behind these declarations”, Deda declared.

Berisha: A new independence Monument

Prime Minister Sali Berisha spoke about the 100th anniversary of independence, saying that it must be celebrated with various activities.

After valuing the contribution of everyone that enabled the independence, and by praising the King Zog I, Berisha invited the historians to give more efforts for making a clear description of this historical event.

Returning to the propositions for building some new important objects for the Independence anniversary, such as the Parliament or the stadium, Berisha proposed the construction of another object.

“We must open the competition for the independence monument in its 100th year. The government will mobilize all sources for having it finished on November 28th”, Berisha declared.

This declaration did not explain if the actual monument in Vlore would be replaced by a new monument or if Berisha’s monument would be placed somewhere else.