Kulicaj sues Socialist MP over libel
13/09/2011 20:40

Kulicaj sues Socialist MP over libel
The General Vice Chief of State Police, Agron Kulicaj, sued Socialist MP Sajmir Tahiri over libel.

The State Police explained that the suit is related with Tahiri’s accusations on mineral smuggle.

“We deny the accusations of the Socialist MP Sajmir Tahiri for mineral smuggle. The Vice Director Agron Kulicaj successfully directs the department of war against crime”, says the official announcement.

Tahiri accused Kulicaj during today’s Parliamentary session, while having harsh discussions with the Minister of Economy, Nasip Naco, regarding the mining concession and mineral smuggle.

 “The corruption command line passes through Roland Keta, Mayor and Democratic Party leader of Bulqize. His brother has four licenses. Ruli himself controls a network of licenses that works for him in Bulqize. The smuggling starts in Bulqize and ends up in China, followed by Kristo Rodi”, Tahiri declared.

Kulicaj, once bodyguard of Prime Minister Sali Berisha is accused by the Socialist party of smuggling also petroleum derivates.

In a cable published by Wikileaks he was considered as a person tied with the organized crime.

The cable says that the General Chief of State Police, Hysni Burgaj has been complaining several times for Kulicaj, but has never been able to replace him, due to the connections with the Prime Minister Berisha.