EU Status: Haxhinasto, optimist expectations
02/09/2011 15:45

EU Status: Haxhinasto, optimist expectations
On October 12th, The European Commission will announce its opinion if Albania will receive the status of the candidate country. When there are only a few weeks left, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Edmond Haxhinasto explained the significance of implementing a national plan for the EU integration.

“This plan was approved by the Integration Inter-Ministry Committee on June, and it has been created through several activities and forums, including the Parliamentary Commission for Integration and the Foreign Commission. The essence of this plan is based on the actions that must be realized for fulfilling the 12 recommendations that the Albanian public knows as the 12 recommendations of the past report. But it is very important to know that the problem is not at the plan or the essence of this plan. The problem stands at the political will for committing in a process of normal dialogue, political cooperation for realizing those laws and reforms that will be required by this plan”, Haxhinasto declared.

Minister Haxhinasto declared that it is necessary to realize a national pact for the integration, which is approved by the Socialist Movement for Integration and that according to him is the continuity of the Parliamentary Resolution Integration of 2009. The evaluation that Albania will receive by the European Commission is not conditioned only by the 12 recommendations.

“The assessment of the EU for Albania is much wider. EU evaluates Albania’s general progresses, not only in the political dimension, but even in other dimensions that will also be evaluated. The political cooperation is one of these elements, or the pillar on which is based the evaluation for Albania. If they will see that the opposition is in the Parliament and it functions as a serious modern political force, which above all decides for the country’s interest, its integration, the reaction of the EU will be different in the assessment, will be much more positive”, Haxhinasto declared.

To the question of who will be to blame if Albania will not receive the candidate status for the second time, Minister Haxhinasto gave this answer: “Albania will be to blame. No political force can think that by being destructive, by not being committed in this process, will have any political gain or will blame any other political force for this, the government, in this case. Absolutely not! The cost will be paid by the Albanian electorate, who will be the one to decide”.

The optimism of the Albanian chief of Diplomacy that Albania will win the candidate status will be proved on October 12th, after the meeting of the European Commission.