Excise imports, lowest in five years
20/08/2011 09:35

In the first semester of this year, the quantity of excise goods that have passed the Albanian Customs marked the lowest level in the last five years. The news comes from the statistics of Customs General Headquarters.

For the period January-June, the quantity of imported petroleum was 171.000 tons, from 220.000 tons that passed the customs in the first semester of 2010. The import of petroleum has never been so low, since 2006.

The same happened with cigarettes. In the first semester, according to “Shqip”, 1294 tons of cigarettes entered the country, with a decrease of 36%, compared to one year ago, when there were imported 1764 tons. The decrease of cigarette imports is affected by the new excise, which was enacted on January 24th of this year. The government increased the excise from 50 to 70 ALL per a packet of 20 cigarettes, but the news for the increase was announced on June 2010, and this convinced the merchants to create larger stocks with the old excise. This move made the consumers to pay the new price increase to the sellers, not the state budget.

Beer imports were also lower. Customs registered 13.6 million of litres from January to June 2011, from 15.2 million that were imported during the same period of 2010.