Coastline properties, first registration for Southern Albania
21/07/2011 15:00

Coastline properties, first registration for Southern Albania
In the Albanian southern coastline has just started one of the most important projects, which aims to register the property titles in one of most beautiful areas of our country.

The property issue is one of most delicate matters in Albania. There have been many complications through the years, due to the transition of the country. This 1.5 million EUR project, financed by the European Union and implemented by OSCE, in cooperation with the office of Real Estate Registration, aims to make the initial property registration in full accordance with modern standards for about 60,000 properties from Palasa to Xarra. The project will also include new road signals, and will guarantee clear property titles to the new owners, increasing this way the investment potentials in the Albanian southern coast.

“This project is of great importance. I have confidence that this will be a success story, as it was proved with the registrations of the Registrar’s Office”, Berisha declared.

There have been several protests for property matters in this coastal area, but the goal of this project, as OSCE ambassador explained, is not the solution of the disagreements, but digitization of the current property data, in full accordance with current documentation, by increasing transparency and avoiding corruption.

“Allow me to underline that the responsibility for registering property titles belongs to the Albanian institutions. I think that I was very clear when I noted that the goal of this project is to register data, and not to distribute property titles”, the ambassador declared.

The solution of the property issue is one of 12 key recommendations of the European Union for Albania, and one of most important matters discussed lately in Brussels, which insists for the fulfillment of this standard.

“We can testify that there has been progress in this field. However, the property issue remains incomplete. We want to see that the state will guarantee legal safety to the property titles not only for the families, but also for the businesses. This project is part of your trip towards Europe, a journey that has started to pay off and will continue in the future, when it will be complete”, declared EU ambassador, Ettore Sequi.

But when will this complicated process of the property issue end? When will the Albanian state have the full property data of its citizens? In the EU candidate status questionnaire, the official Tirana has given a deadline to Brussels, until 2018. But a key project has started with the World Bank, which includes the registration of 400.000 property titles, has made Prime Minister Berisha to change his promise to an earlier date, based even in the population and residence registration that will start this autumn.

“The government has set the objective to finish the national registration of real estates by May 1st 2013”, Berisha declared.