Kosovo intellectuals oppose Pyramid demolition
16/07/2011 17:00

Kosovo intellectuals oppose Pyramid demolition
The approval of the Albanian Parliament for demolishing the "Pyramid" in Tirana has prompted new reactions from the Kosovo capital, Prishtina.

After the scholar Rexhep Qosja, writer and university professor Agim Vinca also reacted against the demolition of the Pyramid building. In an interview for Top Channel, prof. Vinca declares that the Albanian Parliament sentenced to death a monumental object, right in the heart of the Albanian capital.

“The current Parliament Members have turned one deaf ear. It is never too late to leave space to the reason, it is never too late to change and find another solution for a decision that might have serious consequences in the confrontational and very unstable political reality in Albania. This would mark a better celebration of the 100th independence anniversary, and would save the Pyramid as an valuable architectural object, as the specialists have noted”, Vinca declared.

Prof. Vinca added that the Albanian politicians are blinded by the overconfidence given by the political power. According to him, the idea of demolishing the “old” and “ the war against ghosts” is not something that the Albanian leaders want to hear, and much less take in consideration.

“Tirana is the capital city not only for Albania, but in some way for all Albanians. We have many emotional ties and memories to this city, and I think that the oligarchy in Tirana must take in consideration the public opinion, which, as far as I know, was against demolition, because this is a syndrome that has been inherited by the past, a syndrome that is not democratic in its core. It is some kind of cultural and political vandalism”, Vinca declared, emphasizing that history itself will judge the ones who undertook such a step.

Rozafa Basha, an expert of urban matters, is also against the demolition of the Pyramid.

“I think that this is a wrong decision. It is an inseparable part of the space and the general view of the center of Tirana, and it perfectly organizes the space around itself in relation with the citizens. The object planned to be built only creates a political space, and that's all. I would not sacrify public space for a state institution that already exists. There might be other places to build it”, Basha declared.

Rexhep Qosja, one of most well-known Kosovo scholars has strongly opposed the demolition of the Pyramid. He even declared that this is a unique example and the ugliest action that could happen in the history of a country that pretends to walk towards the European Union.