Sarandë, construction suspended
13/07/2011 20:15

Sarandë, construction suspended
Hundreds of new constructions are being added to the coastal town of Saranda this summer. A great part of them do not respect any urban criteria, and some are even being built on lands that have other owners.

Stefan Çipa, the new Mayor of Saranda declared for Top-Channel that the Municipality will suspend any current construction in the town for inspection.

“We have information that some permissions were given with fractions. There are additional floors built, with and without permission. There are beaches that have been divided… an urban catastrophe. I asked to make a moratorium for legal and illegal constructions, in order to verify them”, Çipa declared.

Çipa referred to the most recent event in Saranda, when a property dispute ended up in a firearm conflict, wounding two cleaning workers.

The bullets were shot from the attic of Artan Myrtaj, against the building of the citizens Sinan Mata and Kosta Thanasi.

The conflict came as result of an illegal floor that was built by Sinan Mata and Kosta Thanasi, which, according to Artan Myrtaj, blocked the view from his apartment.

“These problems have not happened before in Saranda, but we know that the cause are illegal constructions”, Mayor Çipa underlines.

According to the Saranda Police Department sources, there have been five property conflicts in this town only this summer, all with injuries.