Durres, no public beaches
18/06/2011 20:55

Durres, no public beaches
One year earlier, during a government meeting, the head of the government warned that there would be no more private beaches that occupy the entire sand area, promising that this year the citizens would be able to enjoy the public spaces.

The task for planning the draft-law was assigned to the Tourism Minister of that time, Ferdinand Xhaferri.

The abuses with the beach sand areas are visible. The occupied private beaches have made disappear even the few areas left by the communes and municipalities as public beaches in Durres, Shkembi i Kavajes, Golem and Gjiri i Lalzit.

The absence of public spaces is not a problem only to holiday makers, but also for the residents of this area.

The unoccupied public spaces are very far from inhabited areas, where most people have to walk every day.