Pollution emergency in Elbasan

Pollution emergency in Elbasan
Despite the report made by the media about the alarming pollution caused by the burning of waste materials in Elbasan, the situation remains the same. Wastes are burned even by day.

The Elbasan citizens wake every morning covered by a dense cloud of smoke. No one knows the real level of pollution, but what people know is that this has caused severe diseases and premature deaths.

The citizens feel horrified about the situation in these hot days of August, and also hopeless for a quick resolution.

If this wasn't enough, the heavy industry on the other side of the city makes this town unlivable, especially during the night and the morning hours. But now they are working even during the day.

The measurements sent by the industry at the Regional Environmental Agency show that the pollution is within the allowed norms, but no one knows what is really happening with this city until an accurate measurement is made.