Jihadist bought Italian visas in Kosovo

Jihadist bought Italian visas in Kosovo
The visa scandal at the Italian embassy in Prishtina, which has involved the son of the former Kosovo President Rugova, Uke Rugova, has taken bigger proportions beyond the Adriatic, by putting in motion the police forces.

Italian media report that three  jihadist have bought visa for 3500 Euros and entered Italy normally.

It seems unbelievable, but it is true. Italian police are working to find these persons in their country.

One of them has been reported dead in an explosion in Iraq, while there is no sign for the two others, according to Italian media.

The investigation started from the Kosovo Eulex and was continued by the Rome Prosecutin, which, according to the Italian media, was held secret because it involved several officials.

This includes the former Italian ambassador in Prishtina, who has not resulted under investigation so far, but was fired right after the scandal.

Italian authorities are working to find traces of the jihadists, whose whereabouts remain unknown.