Preparations for Pope's visit

Preparations for Pope's visit
The seven buildings close to the Main Corpus of the Tirana University are being demolished and will be replaced by a park.

Experts of the institution of monuments say that this is a protected ara, and based on a Council of MInisters decision, the buildings will be expropriated.

"We have followed all legal steps for this expropriation. Companies have been notified and today we started the demolition based on a Council of Ministers decision. This project has been approved by the National Council of Restorations, and we are simply implementing their decision and that of the Ministry of Culture", declared the regional director of National Culture, Ledion Lako.

The works for restoring the main buildings at the Mother Theresa boulevard and the recovery of green spacing and illumination is progressing with a fast pace.

Pope Francis will hold a mass in this square, and this has put in motion most of the institutions.

The Ministry of Culture explained that the Mother Theresa statue placed behind the corpus will be replaced with the one at the Rinas Airport. On September 21st, the square will be full of devotees and thousands of journalists.