Balkan hopes for EU funds

Balkan hopes for EU funds
After the Balkan Conference in Berlin, the Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, declared for Top Channel that a process has started and will go on for the next four years under the care of Germany, but most of the work is up to the countries of the region.

"A structures process of the relations between the EU and Balkan was created in political and economic terms, under the care of Germany. It was restructured and guaranteed within the Balkan countries, for the way how this German initiative will continue. Next year the conference will be held in Austria. Until then there are a number of jobs that will be implemented by the participating countries", Bushati declared.

The Albanian Foreign Minister hopes that this conference will serve to improve the relations between the EU and Balkan countries as regards funds, to which have access only the member countries.

"Let's not forget that the gap between Balkan and the EU did not get smaller.Let's hope that there will be funds in the future that today are available only to the EU countries. This would accelerate Balkan's path to EU, and would improve the economy in Albania and the entire region", Bushati declared.

What is happening today in Ukraine was also part of the discussion, since the countries of our region have the obligation to approach their stances to that of the EU. Albania holds the presidency of the Initiative for Cooperation with Southeastern Countries, for which Bushati presented the ambitions of the Albanian diplomacy during this period.

"It is our ambition to turn into a priority what was discussed this time in Germany and what will be discussed in the next years with the EU countries, and also with Austria, that will follow, so that the document of the conference can advance and so that the elements of the new EU approach to Balkan countries will also progress", Bushati added.