Brace accuses Fullani once again

Brace accuses Fullani once again
MP Erjon Brace reacted after the arrest order issued by the Court yesterday for seven other Bank of Albania employees, accused of power abuse that cause the theft of 713 million ALL.

Brace posted a message on Facebook, accusing Bank Governor Fullani of lying to the MPs and to the Commission of Economy regarding the inventory.

'MP Ervin Koci asked the governor if the invetory was done each year. The Governor said that it was done, but according to new rules of the Central European Bank, with 5% of the money cases, and that's why the theft was not discovered", Brace declared.

Brace says that Koci insisted, surprised at how a balance can be certified without making a physical inventory. The Governor replied that this is the European practice, due to the higher volume.

"The Prosecution has discovered that a regulation of 2006 has sanctioned the physical inventory of every batch of money, and that the batches that were robbed had clear signs of damage", Brace says.

The Socialist MP says that the IMF has recommended an audit committee for the Bank of Albania since May 2006, so that it may have external inspection.

According to Brace, the Governor and the Supervisory Council have never taken this recommendation in consideration. According to Brace, this blames the Governor and the Supervisory Council.

Yesterday, the Prosecution of Tirana issued an arrest order for seven members of the Inventory Commission at the Bank of Albania, Gentian Jahja, Ilir Dedja, Emiljano Lamce, Mehdi Marku, Bahri Allushi, Mehdi Molla and Fatbardh Gurthi.

The arrests were made over power abuse since they didn't notice the absence of 713 million ALL during their inspections.