A man with Serbian uniform shot us

A man with Serbian uniform shot us
Ardian Brahimi was shot, while his two brothers, Albert and Albion, were wounded by a Serbian in a uniform, at the Kollovoda mountains of Mitrovica, within the Kosovo border.

The men were cutting trees in the mountain, but they were ambushed by a man who shot them and left the scene.

The 18-year-old was unable to survive the injuries, while the two other brothers made it, despite the serious wounds.

Despite the shock, Albion told about the attack that took place.

“We were coming here when a Serbian man shot at us. He had a Serbian uniform”, the young man says.

Albion’s older brother is still under intensive care, fighting for his life. Doctors say that both bullets have injured his internal organs, the lungs and liver.

The Kosovo police is investigating the scene, but they don’t have a suspect yet.