Investigations for the explosive attack

Investigations for the explosive attack
The 42-year-old, Isuf Brahimaj, might have been killed for retaliation. The police and prosecutors found out that the victim has used two other surnames.

He has also been called Isuf Bajramaj and Isuf kokaj. With the recent surname he has also been sentenced over drug traffic. He was accused of cooperating with the transportation 23 kg of cocaine from Belgium.

After returning to Albania, he entered the construction business. Police suspects that Bramihaj might have had a conflict with his collaborators in emigration.

The victim and even his brother have been targeted by murder attempts. The arrested hitman Julian Sinanaj was known as the man who had been ordered to eliminate him, but he said that he doesn’t know the persons who ordered the attack.

The victim’s brother was attacked on August 31st 2013 a few meters from the place where his brother was killed. The second attack took place on October 24th, with an explosive placed in a small motorcycle. His brother escaped from both attacks.