Police operation against cannabis in Dukagjin

Police operation against cannabis in Dukagjin
After driving for two hours from Shkoder, the Police stops in the Karma e Kirit to climb some very difficult mountain slopes.

The high temperatures and the harsh terrain pose many difficulties for the police that is looking for cannabis plantations.

Finding a stream of water after walking for hours seems like a cool refreshment for the officers, who have to be careful in this area, since from here were fired some bullets against the police helicopter.

Only three people have been caught from the group, while seven others are still armed and free. The police suspects that they have found shelter in this forest area.

After walking for four hours, they finally identify the cannabis plantations, close to which there might be dangerous people.

The Special Intervention Group and the RENEA forces organized a raid in an abandoned cottage.

The officers count and destroy 1350 plants of cannabis. A RENEA group positions snipers around to guarantee safety.

In 8 days, the police officers have found and destroyed 177.000 plants. From June to now they have 190.000 plants in total.