MInibus drivers protest

MInibus drivers protest
Hundreds of minibus drivers protested for the second time in front of the Prime Minister’s office, against the government’s decision for not allowing them to continue with inter-urban transportation.

The protest started at the Parliament, where the plenary session will be held every Thursday. This time the session was held on Wednesday, due to a speech that was held by the Italian President in front of the Albanian Parliament Members.

Protesters marched on the Deshmoret e Kombit boulevard and stopped at the Prime Minister’s office.

To show that their protest is peaceful, protesters threw white flowers on the doors.

The protest was initially held in front of the Parliament’s Headquarters, on the other side of the road. Representatives of the protesters demanded the government to change the law for transportation, which excluded 8+1 minibuses from public inter-urban transportation, and if they wanted to continue with this service, they had to return empty.

Former public administration employees who have been replaced recently by the new government joined with the protest of the minibus drivers.

Protesters say they will not stop until their demands will be met.