Arrested businessman who ordered murder of rival

Arrested businessman who ordered murder of rival
With the collaboration of Julian Sinanaj, the hired hitman, the police have arrested a murder attempt ordered by a natural gas businessman against his business rival in Durres.

The suspect is Ilir Karcini, owner of the “Primagaz” company. After securing information from Sinanaj, the hitman, police received an arrest order and Karcini was brought to Tirana yesterday.

Sinanaj confirmed that he had been offered 120.000 EUR from the intermediate, Andon Mehilli, for the murder of Pirro Bare. Mehilli is considered the owner of this criminal business, but the first price is still unknown.

According to Sinanaj, the Durres businessman should have been killed on January 25th, a few moments before he was arrested. With him he had the weapons that he would use for the crime.

Sinanaj had studied the movements of the Durres businessman and taken pictures for not missing target.

Andon Mehilli showed him from a distance who the target was, in a Tirana cafe. After this he started preparing the execution plan.

This is the first case when the payer of an execution is arrested.

So far, the executors were the only ones to be arrested. The persons who organized this criminal activity, the Mehilli cousins from Vlore, have disappeared after Sinanaj’s arrest.

It is still unclear if there is enough evidence for the implication of Karcini, besides the testimony of Sinanaj.