Serbian Minister visit stopped in Gjakova

Serbian Minister visit stopped in Gjakova
“Don’t come if you are not ready to apologize for crimes and genocide”, was one of the appeals made by the Mayor of Gjakova, Mimoza Kusari Lila, for the Serbian Minister for Kosovo, Alexander Vulin, who had requested to visit the Serbian church of Gjakova for the Orthodox Christmas.

In another public letter, Kusari Lila reminds Vulin of the victims, orphans and those who disappeared in war.

“Don’t come, because there is no force that stops the despair of the families that are still waiting for news from their loved ones. Don’t come if you are not ready to apologize for the crime and genocide. You will come in Gjakova only after making an official apology. No one bothers the church, but don’t come, if you think that your arrival will affect the peace of the Orthodox church. Don’t come if you think that the dialogue process should have success. Your arrival puts in danger the ongoing dialogue, because it will make both parties keep distances.

Don’t come if you think that your country is on the path of the European Union, and if you aim to respect the European Union standards. I will officially ask your ban from Gjakova.

You are not ready and we are not ready to welcome you. Hospitality is a main attribute of the Albanian people, but we cannot do it with you. It is not the right time, not the right conditions”, Lila says on her letter.

The news for the visit of the Serbian Minister in Gjakova caused protests among citizens. The Mayor of Gjakova asked the Interior Minister to stop this visit, and declared that the decision was taken on January 3rd.

Kusari Lila visited the Serbian Orthodox Church this Monday morning and appealed for calmness and cooperation of the central government with the international community for stopping the visit of the Serbian Minister.

After the contact with the Ministry of Interior, the Mayor was informed that the Interior Ministry has stopped Vulin’s arrival in Gjakova. The Mayor thanked the Kosovo government and the Interior Minister with an official communication. His visit will be held in the Gracanica commune.