Rezart Taci reported at the Police

Rezart Taci reported at the Police
The Directory for Economic and Financial Crime at the General State Police Directory, after intensive investigations in full secrecy, has handed over to the prosecution a criminal report against businessman Rezart Taci for tax evasion.

The abuse might reach 15 million USD. His collaborators are also under invesetigation, such as Anika Taci, Mustafa Taci, Drita Alicka, Arianit Kolgega and Irgen Selfo.

These people are suspected of tax evasion, financial fraud and forgery in cooperation with other tax office employees.

The case has been investigated by the Economic Crime Unit, and has been sent to the Tirana Task Force, Financial and Economic Crime Directory, the General State Police Directory, and Taci is charged of failing to declare the sales of 566.000 liters of oil, with a value of 486.000 USD, exported by the “Taci Oil” company for the Montenegrin “Ik Real DOO Podgorica”; for no paying the tax obligations and fines of the ARMO society, with Rezart Taci being its general administrator.

The Company KUID, owned by Rezart Taci, has failed to pay 138.5 million ALL as taxes and fines. Experts suspect that Taci has created several companies with the same activity goal, such as ARMO, KUID, TACI OIL, and KUARTA, all involved in a series of bank transactions between them, probably to hide assets.

The case has a series of facts, including suspicious transactions and quick money transfer, without having all the banking documents and the noterial agreements to justify the goal of using their funds and destinations.

The case also has the documents of a 4.5 million EUR transfer in favor of the ARMO company, which have disappeared without any trace within one day.

Experts of the economic anticrime mentioned the other case, which they suspect that could be about a fraud of giant proportions. The Swiss company Societe Generale de Surveillance, based in Geneva, has issued a bill for Niti Petroleum Company, with the description: “Claim for loss of a product with a total value 28.4 million EUR”.

According to the economic anticrime, there are suspicions for another fraud with the “Niti Petroleum Company”. Sources say for Top Channel that the Economic and Financial Crime Directory at the General Police Directory is continuing the investigation of other people who are involved in this affair. However, the case is now ready and the last word will be said by the task force prosecution, who will be taken as defendants.