Alket Rizai trial in Greece
28/05/2011 16:45

Alket Rizai trial in Greece
The trial of the Albanian citizen in Greece, Alket Rizai, had a sudden overturn after a witness testified on the double murder of 2006, for which Rizai has taken two life sentences in the Court of First Degree.

The witness said that not only she did not see any resemblance of the accused with the murderer, but she also declared that Greek Police pressured her to testify against Alket.

The news comes from the Greek newspaper “To Thema”, according to which, the witness explains that the murderer was 46 years old and he used the left hand, while Rizai uses the right hand and in 2006 he was only 32 years old.

This new development in the trial against the most mentioned Albanian in Greek media, as one of key characters of the underworld, overturns many of the myths created against him, one of which describes him as chief of contracted killers.

His lawyers declared that charges against him are dismissed, and they hope that the judges will change the First Degree Court sentence, which was taken under the influence of the two spectacular escapes that Rizai did from "Korridallo", prison by the help of a helicopter.

For one of this escapes Rizai was sentenced to 28 years in prison, while he is accused for the murder of a Greek citizen in 2003, for whom “Alki”, as he is known in his close circle, has never admitted the accusations.