AMA brings analog signal back, one day after switching it off

11/09/2018 17:07

One day after switching off analogue broadcasting, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) decided to bring the signal back for four other months.

The decision came after many citizens complained of being caught off-guard, without the ability to get the DVB-T2 decoder.

Albania is among the last European countries that are switching off the analogue TV broadcasting signal, moving on to the fully digital system, DVB-T2.

88,000 decoders were supplied by the government for families under social welfare. However, many other households still use analogue TV and more than 700 complaints were filed on just the first day.

Gential Salaj, Director of the AMA, said that the signal will be switched off again by January 15th, this time once and for all.

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