Albanians in Montenegro vote for Djukanovic

14/04/2018 20:03

The Albanian political party in Montenegro, known for their divergences against each other, this time found consensus to vote for Milo Djukanovic in the presidential elections of this Sunday.

The only Albanian MP at the Montenegrin Parliament, Genc Nimanbegu, also Vice Speaker, said that the orientation of the Albanian politics was to vote for Milo Djukanovic.

The Mayor of Ulcinj, Nazif Cungu, leader of the Forca party, is on the same line.

The leader of the Albanian Democratic Union, who leads the Ministry of Human Rights and Minorities, said that the vote for Djukanovic is vital for Albanians and the entire region, since the other pro-Serbian candidate, has openly said that he may review the referendum for Montenegro’s independence and roll back many achievements reached so far.

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