Albanian volunteer medical students join doctors in fight against the coronavirus epidemic

21/03/2020 16:12

Sixth and fifth year students at the Faculty of Medicine have been called upon by the Health Ministry and the Rectorate to provide assistance in the situation created by the Covid-19 epidemic in our country.

But there are those who have offered voluntarily to help such as Ingrid, who is studying in the fifth year in medicine and is attending daily training at the National Emergency Center.

” It was my desire to help people in need with whatever we could. As a large part of us students were in the home districts, for those of us who were in Tirana, it’s the least we could do,” she says.

Ingrid does not hesitate to tell that she is afraid to go at the forefront of the battle, but she will nonetheless offer her help at the national emergency center.

Medical students will provide their assistance at the national emergency while doctors including pediatric surgeons and others will provide assistance where necessary in all hospital facilities made available to patients with Covid-19.

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