Albanian police dismantle Italy-Vlora toxic waste trafficking nework

21/02/2020 18:15

Vlora prosecutors have seized today the ferryboat in which dangerous chemical waste was found a day earlier in the city port.

The Brindisi-Vlora line ferry transported suspected asbestos waste, but special investigations will determine the exact nature of the chemicals.

Police have arrested 6 people; Festim Tafa the captain, and Kujtim Xhafellari deputy captain of the S.T.DAMIAN ferry, Arber Ccuni the driver of the van where the waste was found, as well as the Managing Director of the Euroferries agency.

The police suspects top have intervened in a network of toxic waste trafficking, especially of the carcinogenic element asbestos, which would be then buried in an illegal landfill in Vlora, after coming from Italy.

The scheme was discovered by the blockage in the port of Vlora of a ferryboat from Brindisi, Italy, in which were seized a significant amount of hazardous waste legally banned in Albania, including asbestos and natural fibers.

The hazardous substances were brought to Albania through a cleaning firm, “Dolphin 1”, which provided all the fake documentation, camouflaging the toxic waste as chemical cleaning products.

For this reason were arrested Elisabeta Cuni, 55, resident of Vlora and administrator of the firm, as well as Zamir Kornuzi owner of the auxillary “Kornuzi” company in the “24 May” neighborhood of Vlora


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