Albanian Democratic opposition: We want neutral provisional government, not co-government with the Socialists

13/02/2020 18:06

The Democratic opposition said it did not want a deal like 2017 based on power sharing, as this time they reject co-ruling with the Socialists for the interim government.

“We want to make it clear that there will be no co-governing between the united opposition and the government. The caretaker government will be neutral and implement the best practices. It will not intervene as to not disrupt the elections. It should not be led by Edi Rama as he is not the Prime Minister.

It should consist of figures with moral and professional integrity so as to guarantee the vote of the Albanians.”, stated DP’s former lawmaker Oerd Bylykbashi.

The caretaker government came up as an the idea at the political table of electoral reform, but got the Socialists’ stubborn refusal. Nevertheless the democrats do not lose hope for their ctiterion.

“I don’t expect the majority to say yes, as it has done the same in other instances. That they did with decriminalization. But in the end he was obliged to accept what was the public interest”, added Bylykbashi.

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