Albania buys inflation

12/06/2011 16:05

Increasing import is not bringing to Albania only the goods of foreign
markets, but also the inflation burden that we buy together with these

The greatest foreign inflation risk comes through the import of fuels and food products, which make 35% of the inner consume.

These goods are the most expensive in the international market, hitting the Albanian families hard each time that their import is increased.

The risk for prices to remain high increases by the fact that Albania imports from countries that offer goods with the highest price in the market.

Latest evaluations from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, inflation norms in Greece reached 4.3%, in China 5.4% and Italy 2.5%.

Referring to Albanian INSTAT data, Eurostat states that 75% of Albania’s imports come from countries that today have prices as high as in 2008, when the entire world faced price increases.

The imported inflation affects 60% of the total domestic inflation.

Albania not only imports goods, but experts predict that despite the fact that domestic production is reaching its peak, its price is higher than one year ago.

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