Albanains have started 32.000 businesses in Italy

18/08/2017 00:00

Albanian immigrants in Italy own 32.000 businesses, according to the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce.

Foreign citizens own 580.000 businesses in total, with Moroccans listed first with 68.000 businesses. Chinese and Romanian are listed second and third. Albanians are fourth community with the highest number of businesses.

The most favorite business of Albanians is commerce and construction. Official data from the Italian Institution of Statistics  show there are 450.000 Albanian citizen living in Italy, most of them have emigrated in early ‘90s. Now they are involved in businesses, becoming among the most active communities for the economic life of Italy.

32.000 businesses means 20% of all active businesses in Albania. This means that Albanians now have turned into businessmen in many European countries, not only in Albania.

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