Agreement reached, Kukes airport opened

01/04/2016 13:25

The flight exclusivity agreement for the Rinas Airport has been
modified. The Minister of Transportation, Edmond Haxhinasto, said that
there is an agreement that allows the opening fo the Kukes airport,
which has been in hold for several years.

The Minister said for the media that this agreement is very important for the civil aviation of Albania, since it puts the Kukes Airport in function, which will help with competitive prices. Present in this conference was the Minister of Economy, Milva Ekonomi.

“We created more options for those who want to visit Southern and Northern Albania. This encourages tourism and economic development. Statistics show that for every 15 people visiting our country we have one more job”, she declared.

Minister Haxhinasto declared that in exchange for opening the Kukes Airport, the Rinas Concessionary company has a longer agreement.

“The principle of these talks was that the company should not be damaged with its business plan, which means that the fewer passengers will be compensated by a prolonged concessionary period. We will respect the concessions in Albania”, he declared.

The Kukes Airport will create 200 new jobs, while Haxhinasto said they are studying the possibility of opening another airport in southern Albania.

For the second agreement to enter in effect, it must pass first at the Council of Ministers and then at the Parliament.

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