After today’s conflicts, government will disband Local Police

19/06/2019 16:10

After the municipalities led by the opposition used the Municipal Police against the State Police, to get materials from the Zonal Electoral Commissions, the Interior Minister, Sander Lleshaj, announced that the government will remove these structures.

“The government will immediately take measures to merge some structures of the municipal police that have turned into a danger for the public. No one shall be tolerated”, Lleshaj said in a conference.

As for the burning of some local electoral commissions, Lleshaj said that the protesters will be punished by the force of law.

“The police is being provoked and attacked in an organized way. The response will be determined until the end. There are municipality employees who are becoming cannon fodder by shortsighted leaders. I appeal them to not commit electoral crimes that are punished by the criminal code”, Lleshaj said.

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