51 earthquake victims, newly elected PG appeals Prosecutors to bring abusive builders to justice

12/12/2019 20:31

Olsian Cela, Albania’s new Prosecutor General, asked the Prosecution of Tirana to come up with concrete names of the persons who have violated the construction codes at the buildings that collapsed during the November 26th earthquake, in order to bring them to justice.

The Prosecutor General will guarantee technical assistance and experts to help with a full and accelerated investigation of these cases. He encouraged the Prosecutors to carry out thorough investigations to individualize the authors of these crimes and bring them to justice”, says the announcement of the Prosecution General.

Many buildings in Durres and Thumana collapsed during the November 26th 6.4 M earthquake, leaving behind 51 dead, almost 1000 injured and around 14.000 homeless people.

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